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Who we are ...

We are Vancouver Island locals that launched beginning of June, 2021. EZ Pro Scooterz brand was introduced in Sidney then at West skatepark in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.

At EZ Pro Scooterz, we're all about getting kids pumped for scootering and being active! Our mission is to inspire and empower young riders to feel the thrill of riding while staying fit and healthy.

We have taken the time to have riders test our parts in various environments and with varying skill levels. This ensures our parts can handle the punishment they’re put through. One of our main goals is to create a rad community to help build up individual confidence while supporting and having a blast together.

We strive to push the limits and are constantly working on tweaking parts to be some of the best in the biz. This is done through team riders personal feedback and group discussions. We then take modifications and/or issues to engineers prior to manufacturing.

Our biggest reward is helping athletes to reach their full potential and to leave their mark in the scootering world. So, let's ride, explore, and reach epic new heights together!

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